Hello neurofeedback practitioners, Now you can offer training from home option to your patients

Using our platform and its easy-to-use neurofeedback equipment, you can grow your practice by offering clients the ability to train anywhere and at any time, while maintaining complete control over their protocols, training channels, and progress monitoring.


Stunning Mobile Visual/Auditory Feedback

Your clients deserve to see beautiful graphics during their neurofeedback training.


Beautiful Progress Tracking

Allow your clients to enjoy a gamified experience with scores, achievements, and levels.


Dashboard That Gives You Full Control

Conveniently provide supervised neurofeedback training to your remote clients using our intuitive web dashboard.


Live Monitoring

Monitor remote training in real-time, anytime, anywhere, using our live session feature.


Fully Customizable

Choose training frequencies, active and reference electrodes, thresholds, and even set custom frequencies to provide professional customized training.


Progress Monitoring

Our reliable dashboard and neurofeedback equipment allow you to track your clients' training progress, brainwave data, and even real-life metrics, in order to provide more value.