We offer three different types of solutions to individuals and groups

Work-life performance improvement

Various interventions that improve ability to cope and address everyday challenges at work, school, art, sports or in interpersonal relationships. Neurofeedback could be a effective tool.

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Symptom alleviation and prevention

Minimize or alleviate symptoms related to anxiety, ADD/ASD, ADHD, memory loss and sleep disorders; prevent potentially degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer.

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Medical treatment may the way forward

For conditions that need qualified medical professional help, we may be able to refer you to our network of mental health professionals where available or you can reach out to one in your network. Either way we will ensure you get the best care you deserve.


For Executives

You run a business, run a department or want to take on a position with more responsibility. Your commitment is intense, your work-days are long and packed with to-do's.

In your spare time, your thoughts are almost exclusively about the job. Occasionally you catch yourself trying to work on two things at the same time? Are you in a similar situation? Then take a look at of our Neurofeedback solution for managers and executives.

It can help in targeted reduction of stress, increasing your well-being or even to prevent an impending burn-out. 

Neurofeedback training also strengthens the cognitive and mental resources. Especially the ability to concentrate and regenerate as well as the creative achievement can be noticeably increased.


For Students

Today, school and studies not only require students to develop  deep knowledge about subject at hand but also need students to manage their time effectively.

More and more topics and content can be learned in less and less time. Giftedmynds can  improves your learning and exam performance with state-of-the-art technology and an innovative training system. 

Some of the benefits to the students are, greater understanding of subject matter, better sleep and more restful regeneration and  Intuitive understanding of abstract and logical learning content. This also may result in higher motivation for the students and less stress.


For Athletes

Athletes share one goal: to be able to get their top performance at the right time. Outstanding athletes are characterized by a lightning-fast change between attracting and relaxing. Especially the ability to quickly relax the muscles after a high load allows the athletes to use their power effectively and, above all, efficiently.

Competitive athletes stand out clearly from the crowd.They can get their peak performance more often and better.

Neurofeedback can produce amazing effects in the development of this mentally determined ability - the effortless alternation between being on and off. In addition, Neurofeedback training can also help to better master collaborative demands of the sport.

Symptom alleviation and prevention


In many cases the underlying causes of their ADHD symptoms may be due to anxiety, poor sleep quality, vision problems, a learning disability, or other conditions. We recognize that every person is unique, and our assessment helps identify why you or your child may be experiencing specific behaviour. Our innovative program features the best in applied neuroscience. We work with the brain’s natural ability to learn, helping clients reach their full potential.


Many children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) also experience symptoms associated with ADHD and anxiety. At Neurocore, we analyze the brain to understand if the child is experiencing ADHD or anxiety-like symptoms and create a customized program to help address these symptoms.


ADHD is most often diagnosed based on these and other issues: difficulty completing tasks, trouble focusing, difficulty following a schedule, forgetfulness, or being easily distracted. We take an innovative approach grounded in science with results. Our comprehensive assessment goes beyond a checklist of observed behaviors. It starts by using advanced qEEG technology that precisely measures your unique brainwave activity to help identify what may cause the behaviors. Our assessment also measures levels of attentiveness. After testing, our biofeedback and neurofeedback program trains your brain to self-regulate so it can perform better.

Children with less severe ASD may sometimes be misdiagnosed with other disorders because of similar observed behaviors. For example, ADHD symptoms may co-occur for between 30-50% of children on the ASD scale. Likewise, there is a high degree of co-occurrence of anxiety in children with ASD (almost 40% in a recent meta-analysis).

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